Small sport shops across the UK are under threat of going bust.  Adidas and Nike revealed new plans to stop supplying sportswear to small shops that do not sell more than £25,000 worth of their products per year. An Adidas spokesperson said, ‘This decision was not taken lightly but it is in line with our global commercial policy and was made to ensure our business is solid and sustainable, and operates in the most efficient way’.    

While this may help Adidas and competitor Nike, around 50 sport shops could be forced to close because of the global giants’ actions. Many shop owners rely on the two famous brands to bring in the customers. Owners fear that when the supply ends, so will the customers. 

Olympic Minister, Tessa Jowel, has publically criticised Adidas and Nike’s planned actions, stating ‘this is not the Olympic legacy we expected, to close all the local independent retailers who have always provided a specialist service and are an integral part of grassroots sports’. 

Adidas and Nike will be supporting larger businesses like Foot Locker, JD Sports and SportsDirect, as they plan to support ‘long-term trade partners’.

The move will inevitably bring local businesses to an end, with owners feeling very much wronged by the two brands’ actions. 

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