“We have a viable London company, but we also have threats of a winding-up petition, aggressive landlords and real risk of imminent closure! Is there a way we can protect the company and its assets so it can be properly restructured?

There is an excellent, quick and very powerful way and it is called Administration.

What is administration? What does it mean to appoint an administrator and how does it work? Who can appoint an administrator? What is a pre-pack administration ? How do you do an administration followed by CVA?

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These pages and guides will help you answer these questions and learn all about the Administration tool. This page contains a simple guide and further links to more detailed guides to this insolvency mechanism – read down the page or print it off for easy reading later.

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Administration a Simple Guide

Administration is a very powerful process, where a company is insolvent and facing serious threats from creditors. The Court may appoint a licensed insolvency practitioner as Administrator, this places a moratorium around the company and stops all legal actions, (lots of technical stuff required for this! if you want to know – see longer guides).

The Administration must have a purpose and the Government encourages the use of company rescue mechanisms after Administration.

Under the Administration option it is possible for the company and its directors (or a creditor like the bank) to apply to the court to put the company into Administration through a streamlined process by applying to the High Court.

But the law requires that any finance provider (like a bank or lender), with the appropriate Debenture or security, is contacted and the aims of the administration be discussed and approved. The finance provider must have a fixed and floating charge (usually under a debenture) and the charge holder will need to give permission for the process to go ahead. Five working days clear notice is required.

What is an Administration Pre Pack sale? 

Currently the pre packaged administration sale is a very popular method. The company prepares itself to enter administration and sell its assets to a new company (“Newco”) or to an existing 3rd party company. This is a very powerful, far reaching process that can protect the BUSINESS, usually the Oldco is liquidated afterwards.

But be aware, the banks do not like agreeing to sell the company’s assets to existing directors, this is because of the current pressure on pre-pack administration, from creditors, landlords and even the Commons Treasury Select Committee

If there is a third party buyer then this could still work, very quickly and efficiently

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Administration followed by CVA

This is less common than the Government would like to see.  Basically the company enters administration to get protection from creditors. The administrator works with the company’s directors to produce his/her administration proposals. Once these are accepted the administrator hands control back to the company’s board. This is a powerful tool, although directors are not in control of the company during the administration period.

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Got questions? What is company administration for a London company? What does going into administration mean? What is administration pre-pack? How does a London company go into pre pack administration? We can answer all of these without fuss or obligation.


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