“What if there was a way we could save our London company, get rid of unwanted overheads, costs and staff, rebuild our sales and profits without closing it? We don’t want to see all of our hard work destroyed and have the misery of going bust”!

There is a great solution for your problem and you’ve found it……It’s called the Company Voluntary Arrangement and it is a legally binding deal with creditors. What does CVA mean and how does a company voluntary arrangement work? Well these pages will help you learn all about the CVA tool and how it can help your London company!

Company Voluntary Arrangement Benefits for YOUR London company.

  • Company voluntary arrangements (CVA’s) can improve cashflow, quickly.
  • Stop pressure from tax, VAT and PAYE while the CVA is prepared.
  • A company voluntary arrangement can cut costs quickly.
  • Company voluntary arrangements can terminate employment contracts, leases, onerous supply contracts and all with NIL CASH COST.
  • You can terminate landlords leases with NIL cost with a well written CVA! Simply walk away from the lease.
  • You can terminate directors or managers contracts too.
  • Terminate onerous customer contracts.
  • Board and shareholders generally remain in control of the company.
  • London based expert CVA advisors help reorganise your company
  • Much lower costs than Administration.
  • As powerful as a pre-pack – but less risk.

FIRST the simple description of a CVA!

It is simply a deal between the insolvent company and its creditors; this deal places a ringfence around the company and stops creditors attacking you. It allows a viable but struggling company to repay some, or all, of its historic debts out of future profits, over a period of time to be agreed.
Directors stay in control and it can stop legal actions if you use a quality advisor.

It has been part of UK law since 1986 and is one of the Government’s preferred rescue options.

More guides to CVA

Company Voluntary Arrangements a detailed guide – all you need to know about CVA’s: from framing the deal through to creditors’ votes at the creditors meeting.

Company Voluntary Arrangements FAQ’s – frequently asked questions from our users. Read these and see if your question is answered.


In the time it takes us to organise the CVA for you, we will freeze your payments to VAT, PAYE and creditors. Then together we offer the creditors a deal over time to pay something back from future profits. This improves the cashflow in your business. You manage the company, we manage the CVA process.

“If it’s so great, why doesn’t everyone use the CVA if their business gets into trouble”?

The answer is because very few people know about this fantastic tool and most companies end up going bust because directors are scared of insolvency. And most people don’t get help from us! So why don’t people know about CVA’s?

London based CVA Expert Keith Steven says

”Use KSA’s company voluntary arrangement experts to propose your CVA and we will guarantee that it will be accepted by creditors. More than 98% of our client’s CVA proposals are accepted by HM Revenue & Customs and the trade creditors. None were blocked by their banks ”!

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