“We have a struggling London company. What can we do to rescue it, turn it around or close it ? I want fast, understandable information and to meet someone in London who talks my language!”

Welcome to London CompanyRescue.  KSA Group provides this free and easy to use online support service  for struggling, insolvent or fast growing London businesses. Business rescue is our prime target, but we can help close non viable companies too. Whether you need to rescue the business with a London company voluntary arrangement,

or liquidation for a London company or you need a pre-pack administration London or London receivership, we can help YOU.


This web site is linked to the much larger, national website www.companyrescue.co.uk our parent site. It has over 700 pages of detailed, quality information in plain English – what’s more its FREE and easy to use.


If you would like professional advice on your company’s problems please use our free number 0800 9700539 or call 020 7887 2667. Or send an email to us on keiths@ksagroup.co.uk. Alternatively, call Keith Steven on 07974 086779 out of hours.

Free Advice Service: straight talking, backed up in writing.

Once we have established whether we can assist you, we are happy to meet any London business free of charge for a detailed assessment meeting with the board. This is then followed by a detailed written report on the options available to your company, there is no charge for the meeting or the report.

This meeting is usually best held at your premises, so we can quickly understand your business. If you prefer we are happy to meet you at our London offices in the City at 99 Bishopsgate, near Liverpool Street.

Why not call now and ask for Keith Steven or Wayne Harrison on 020 7887 2667 or 0800 970053.



For advice on London company liquidation, London company rescue, pre-pack administration for London companies, receivership London and turnaround London, contact us now and we will lead you through the problems you face as a director. We will get you sleeping again!


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Click here for your FREE 82 page guide to company voluntary arrangements, (PDF) no other company provides free detailed information for struggling companies. Click now for your copy.

Or click here for a 50 page PDF guide to voluntary liquidation new 2015

NEW! London recruitment company with problems? Click here for your unique Complete Guide to Turning Around Your Recruitment Company (96 page PDF) new 2015

Advice for London companies on Creditors voluntary liquidation, pre pack administration, receivership, trading administration, company voluntary arrangements. Rescue and recovery of viable London businesses.